Platán Garden

The Platán Garden Balaton condominium is being built on the site of the former Família Hotel in Balatonboglár, which is administratively the first property in Balatonboglár and is located directly on the waterfront. Thanks to its proximity to the lake, most of the apartments under construction will have a panoramic view.
The building will consist of a ground floor plus three floors and a penthouse. A total of 46 apartments will be built, ranging in size from one bedroom to three bedrooms. The apartments have been carefully designed to create well laid out, livable spaces and will be furnished and equipped to a high standard for the new owners.
The apartments will be designed in two different interior styles, with a pleasant atmosphere, simplicity, and pastel colors. In terms of design, a subtle blend of vintage and modern elements will be achieved. Each apartment has a terrace or balcony, which offers the opportunity for a cozy, summer evening outdoors experience.
The cooling and heating in the apartment building are provided by heat pumps, while hotwater is produced in each apartment by smart boilers. WiFi access will be installed throughout the property to ensure reliable coverage from the apartment to the waterfront.
For the residents, there is a 120 m2 jetty on the water, which can be accessed via a pier. There is also a sunbathing area on the beach and a playground for children. For evening activities, there will be a bar.