Puskás Stadium

The construction of the Puskás Arena, the largest Hungarian construction project of the past decades, with a capacity of 67,000 people, started in 2017, and the inauguration of one of the top facilities of the Hungarian construction industry took place on 15 November 2019. Bayer Construct played a key role in the construction of the arena's monolithic reinforced concrete structure, with nearly 700 people working on site every day, supported by 16 tower cranes and 5 mobile cranes. The iconic appearance of the stadium is ensured by the pilasters, which preserve the tradition of the old Puskás Stadium, and the construction of the reinforced concrete column towers, the swords, on top of these pilasters was a key step in the project. As it would have been difficult to transport the 60-tonne swords by road, they had to be prefabricated on site, which Bayer Construct was ultimately responsible for. We are also very proud of our company's work on the Puskás Arena's pilon grilles, which are currently the largest integrated design elements in Europe.